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Cali From Above is a commercially recognized aerial mapping, aerial surveying, and airborne inspections company. We are situated in Los Angeles, California, however, we often travel across the United States and are also willing to go wherever in the globe to help our loyal customers, COVID limitations allowed. Additionally, we have a network of trusted associate pilots located across the United States who can be quickly deployed to satisfy your aerial inspection and mapping requirements even when borders are closed.

We are an FAA Part 107-certified drone operator with current certification for Fixed Wing, Powered Lift (VTOL), and Multicopter Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones). We adhere to a stringent Job Safety Assessment (JSA) and Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) system, which we can integrate with your existing safety, orientation, and biosecurity processes.

We handle practically all of our mapping, photographic, and video material entirely inside the United States, ensuring that your sensitive data is never processed outside of the country without your consent. We believe that the photographs and data we acquire are our customers’ property, and we never distribute them without your consent.

We often collaborate with specialists such as surveyors, engineers, agronomists, architects, and property managers to provide aerial mapping and imaging that offers value to the construction, mining, environmental management, and agricultural industries. We can provide very detailed (2-3cm) aerial mapping services that complement and enhance the capabilities and efficiency of your on-site surveyors.


Our daily activities place a premium on safety. Our autonomous systems can completely remove the need for human risk exposure via the use of powerful algorithms.


Maintain a competitive edge in today's technology-driven environment. We are continually on the lookout for new methods to push the limits of what remote systems are capable of doing.


Whether it's creating dynamic three-dimensional models of waste and quarry sites, customizing agrochemical distributions, or aiding with engineering project management and planning, our team has the resources and personnel to save you time and money.

Among our fundamental technologies are the following:

Cameras with high-resolution RGB mapping


Sensors for multispectral mapping RedEdge


Sensors based on Lidar


Photographs and video in high resolution (20MP photos, 4K cinematic videos)


Positioning with precision with GNSS RTK and PPK (base, rover and aerial rovers)


Photogrammetric processing and creation of precise spatial data (orthomosiac, point cloud, mesh, and DEM/DTM)


GIS analysis with precision (elevation contours, hydrological analysis, cross-section profiling, feature extraction)



Over a Decade Experience Working with Renowned Brands

Cali From Above has had the distinct luxury of working with an astonishing amount of businesses and organizations, gaining valuable knowledge, chances, and insight that has contributed to our continued professionalism, which sets us apart from many operators statewide and even abroad.

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Frequently Asked Question

On the “Contact Us” tab, you may ask for an estimate of our price. You will be contacted by phone or email within 24 hours to discuss your request in further detail. Alternately, you can reach me at any time via phone.

Cali From Above uses DJI and other well-known brands of drones in their operations. We may use a DJI Mavic 2 Pro, DJI Mavic 2 Advanced Dual, Phantom 4 Pro, DJI Inspire 2, DJI Matrice 300 RTK, Autel Evo Dual, or Skydio depending on the mission’s requirements. If you need something else, we can get it on-demand from a reliable supplier.

A single drone operation may cover up to 1000 acres of land. Every 30 minutes, we may fly 150 acres. Our drone pilots always have numerous batteries on them so that they can map, photograph, and record all of the fields that need to be taken.

Yes. Cali From Above pilots are all FAA-certified and may fly drones anywhere in the United States. A $2 million UAV/drone liability insurance coverage covers Cali LLC. Additionally, each Cali From Above LLC pilot has a $2 million dollar UAV/drone liability insurance coverage, which may be customized to meet the needs of your business. In order to ensure the safety of you and your passengers, all Cali From Above LLC pilots have successfully completed a background check, which included a criminal record check.

Cali From Above LLC will maintain the degree of security requested by you and will conduct periodic audits and inspections on our infrastructure and security. Cali From Above LLC can completely encrypt all files in transit and at rest.

Cali From Above LLC takes all major credit cards, debit cards, and ACH bank transfer payments. Payments may be done quickly and securely online through Cali From Above We may accept offline payment from companies by postal business check on a net 30 payment terms basis at our discretion.

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