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Why Do We Need Maintenance of Solar Panels?

With the rapidly growing demand for Renewable Energy, Solar Energy has established its energy applications in domestic and industrial fields. Solar panels play a crucial role in converting solar energy to consumable electric energy. Maintenance is an integral part of the efficient operation and organized working of solar panels. The first aspect of maintenance involves regular inspection of solar panels, to assess the surface to be free of any irregularities. These irregularities can be cell defects, dirt over the surface, failure of connections, or deterioration of solar cells which will compromise their efficiency and performance. It is important to assure the quality of solar panels for power generation and to maintain their long life. Regular inspections guarantee the identification of potential defects that can be found early and repaired.

Solar Panel Inspection

Drone Based


Solar Panel Inspection

Shortcomings of Conventional Inspection

Modernize Your Inspection Method

Aerial Thermal Inspection - Next Level Solar Inspection




Drones equipped with suitable cameras as per requirements can examine defects on-site and increase the efficiency of data collection for inspecting faults on the surface.




We can collect data 50 times faster than manual inspection methods. The installation of solar farms covers an extended amount of land. With the help of drone surveying, this area can be inspected within days.




It offers high-resolution visual inspection that includes aerial images which help create orthomosaics and help improve detection methods.




Implementing solar inspection can reduce the cost of inspection by 30-50 % of normal inspection methods utilized for surveying solar farms


Data collection


With geotagged images, we can easily detect the position of identified faults that could lead to potential fatality of the system which could turn into an economic loss and decrease the efficiency of the system

Deliverables & Solutions Offered

Solar inspection with aid of drones is completed in the following steps:

The deliverables offered by our company include high-resolution, aerial geo-tagged images. Our services provide cutting-edge solutions for large-scale solar farm maintenance including inspection and monitoring of solar panels. We offer prompt and convenient inspection techniques that promise safety and effective surveying conditions.

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