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Cali From Above DroneRad system is designed to precisely detect harmful radiation levels and is highly sensitive and durable even in hostile environmental conditions. Cali From Above offers various sensor’s that range from conducting neutron or gamma surveys, to measuring airborne particulates.

DroneRAD Detectors:

  1. DroneRAD-ST: Search tool that utilizes a gamma scintillation probe to pinpoint locations of radioactive material in stationary positions, such as ground, buildings, and vehicles, or to perform general surveys. 
  2. DroneRAD-P: Collects and measures radioactive airborne particulates on a filter paper.  The source of the particulates could be from a fire, smoke, airborne plume, explosion, etc. 

Collecting Radiation Levels with traditional methods

Traditional methods for radiation detection have been used for years. Since the beginning of the atomic age, in 1945 radiation detection has been a critical element. 

Radiation detection methods vary for different parameters i.e. what level of sensitivity is required, for instance: the dose rate, the type of radiation emissions, the daily rate emitted, etc. Collecting the data conventionally, Geiger counter technology is the most simplified method.

This technology is typically a handheld device and potentially puts the collector in harm’s way. There are a wide variety of detection methods at this time that are more advanced and safer to use but still to determine radiation emissions in the air or in events that result in accidental dispersal or terrorist activity traditional methods are employed and continue to put first responders in harm’s way.

Benefits: Cali From Above, DroneRad System

  • Fast and cost-effective coverage of large areas.
  • High sensitivity and identification of the type of radiation.
  • Worker protection.
  • Programmable parameters provide data of the same location and can provide you comparable reports.
  • Fast deployment prior to First Responder’s entering hazardous areas.
  • Ability to quickly and safely search out and detect a radioactive source in a vehicle or building.
  • Enhanced and cost-effective maintenance surveys for Nuclear Power Plants, Radiation Waste Repositories, Uranium Mines and Waste Disposal areas, etc.
  • Wireless data download to ground station or First Responders cell phones.
  • Data archive and retrieval for historical documentation.


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