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Cali From Above offers specialized inspection services from height and
in difficult-to-access locations with the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

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We are Cali From Above, Pioneers in Drone Services, Operations, and Training.

With unmanned aircraft gaining acceptance and efficacy in a variety of areas, the use of unmanned aircraft has never been simpler. However, since this is a newer business, you must ensure that you are dealing with specialists that have the most modern technology and a breadth of expertise in order to gather the greatest aerial data and photos. Cali From Above’s years of experience at all levels of the aerospace industry position them well to contribute their knowledge, specialized approach, and equipment to those whose demands beyond those of a standard drone operation. Whatever the difficulties, Cali From Above is competent at overcoming them throughout the several sectors where aerial footage and data can actually provide value to our customers.


Cali From Above maintains a fleet of aircraft that are well-suited for a variety of businesses and enterprises.

Unlike hundreds of other operators in the United States, our aircraft is supported by a team of FAA Part 107 pilots, allowing us to produce complicated and precise datasets while also aiming for excellence across numerous applications.

Cali From Above specializes in both multi-rotor and fixed-wing aircraft, and our software and procedures guarantee that your data is handled securely for high-quality, trustworthy results.


Each member of our pilot crew has received comprehensive training.

This enables them to fly a variety of unmanned aircraft in densely populated locations and high-pressure settings. With years of expertise, knowledge, and ability to adapt to any work, Cali From Above will always find the ideal solution for utilizing our diverse skill sets in conjunction with our drone technology and software.


Unlike others, we go above and beyond - we are capable of working in hazardous and congested areas.

Our pilots are all qualified to operate several aircraft in a variety of conditions, so we’re certain we can handle any operation while maintaining the highest standards of photography and safety. We’re at home in any area, whether it’s by the coast or in the heart of the biggest metropolis in the world.

Industries Served

Residential Real Estate

With emergence of drones & modern, futuristic developments of high definition cameras, real estate filming have become prominent. 

Commercial Real Estate

Aerial photography and videography is the leading media solution for presenting your commercial property, and services. 


The intricacies and scale of larger projects come across many challenges that can be solved with the help of drone based inspection.

Roof Inspection

Drone assisted Roof Inspection, we can reduce the possibilities of potential hazards and the cost of the inspection.

Solar Panel Inspection

Regular Solar Panel Inspections guarantee the identification of potential defects that can be found early and repaired.

Wind Turbine Inspection

Industries have adopted drone technology and modern cameras to perform Wind Turbine  Inspections efficiently.

Powerlines Inspection

The power line must be regularly
inspected to ensure proper transmission of electricity with no losses.

Oil & Gas Inspection

Structured maintenance and inspection are critical factors that ensure safety & helps to prevent any potential failures.

Radiation Detection

Detects harmful radiation levels and is highly sensitive and durable even in hostile environmental conditions.

  • Stage 1

    Your Requirements

    Because we are only as excellent as our findings, it is critical that we capture the image/data you require. We collaborate with you up front to ensure we fully grasp your requirements; this may entail one of our team members attending project planning meetings to guarantee our capacity fits your expectations. We have a large fleet of platforms that have been specifically selected for certain jobs, allowing us to give the appropriate equipment for the job regardless of the sort of aerial work required. We are capable of collaborating with any extra stakeholders, such as architects, surveyors, construction firms, or conservationists, to guarantee a clean, smooth, and thoughtful process.

  • Stage 2

    Pre-Flight Planning

    Each flight is meticulously planned* and our procedures are designed with safety in mind. Prior to each trip, our team of professional operators conducts pre-flight preparation, which includes a log of preliminary results and a study of the flying region. We adhere to industry standards and do all pre-flight planning using a web-based system that gives total transparency if requested.

    This section discusses the classification of airspace, airspace restrictions, local air traffic control, potential air hazards, permissions, restrictions, sensitivities, protective equipment, training, site access, terrain, public access, ground hazards, weather, obstructions, and flying area considerations.

    Because we are only as excellent as our findings, it is critical for us to capture the image/data you require.

  • Stage 3

    Risk Assessment

    Prior to takeoff, any work requires a risk assessment to identify potential risks and hazards and begin mitigating them, if feasible. We create a method statement outlining the steps necessary to do the project safely and lawfully. This is provided to you before to the activity, ensuring complete transparency and providing you with complete piece of mind.

  • Stage 4


    We guarantee that all necessary permits have been obtained and granted from you and/or other stakeholders prior to any flight. Prior to any flight, we ensure that you have received a thorough briefing, have had all of your questions addressed, and are comfortable proceeding with the activity.

  • Stage 5


    Our pilots are all FAA Part 107 certified and adhere to a best practices, safety-first philosophy. Flight duration is determined on the drone being used and can range up to 48 hours. We are capable of operating constantly for the duration of the work, regardless of how lengthy it is or how difficult the terrain is. Our teams deploy with a minimum of two of everything necessary, including aircraft and operators, to ensure that your work is performed successfully. We have no control over the weather. We maintain regular communication with you during the planning process to guarantee your project is completed on time and under budget.

  • Stage 6

    Data Processing

    After we have acquired the imagery/data, we may process it to provide the output you want. High-resolution still images, 4K video, thermographic data, dense point clouds, digital elevation models, 3D models, georeferenced orthomosaics, and panoramic 360 stitching are all accessible outputs. The output data is compatible with the majority of industry-standard GIS applications. Additionally, we can supply data compatible with Google Earth and CAD applications.

  • Stage 7


    After processing the data/imagery, we may provide you with the format that is most appropriate for your workflow or customer demand.  you may be certain of Cali From Above professionalism and high-quality finish, as well as our expertise collaborating with business organizations worldwide. the data/imagery, we may provide you with the format that is most appropriate for your workflow or customer demand.  you may be certain of Cali From Above professionalism and high-quality finish, as well as our expertise collaborating with business organizations worldwide.

suppliers of cutting-edge training in the industry

suppliers of cutting-edge training in industry

Cali From Above has the knowledge and expertise that comes with such a long history of excellence in a profession that is always changing and adapting, and this has directly benefited the hundreds of students who have studied with us over the years. From the classroom to the field, our instructors and customized training programs have established an effective learning environment for anybody looking to start a career in such a broad sector or add significant value to their present employment and skill set.



Over a Decade Experience Working with Renowned Brands

Cali From Above has had the distinct luxury of working with an astonishing amount of businesses and organizations, gaining valuable knowledge, chances, and insight that has contributed to our continued professionalism, which sets us apart from many operators statewide and even abroad.

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