Cali From Above

Drone Flight Instructor

Job Description

As a Drone Flight Instructor with Cali From Above, you will lead on-site flight training sessions around the United States, where you will instruct individuals looking to improve their flying and real-world operating abilities while also developing your own talents, resume, and network. You will provide industry-leading education, student mentoring, advice, and knowledge on unmanned flying theory and practice in this job.
In a normal month, you’ll offer 1-2 private drone flight courses to one, two, or three students. Each session lasts around 2-3 hours.

Specifically, you will be responsible for the following:

  1. Teach using DJI drones brought by students or your own DJI drone.
  2. Customize teaching with flying safety as the primary objective, while also ensuring that the student graduates as a more capable and safe pilot.
  3. Maintain an up-to-date personal online calendar that is linked to our calendar software in order to facilitate the booking process for students.
  4. Examine local weather forecasts and contact the student if required to postpone the lesson.
  5. Adhere to Covid-19 safety measures, which include wearing a mask and sanitizing your hands.

What We Have To Offer:

Work in a flexible, remote setting – training sessions are arranged in your region, at locations of your choosing, and according to your schedule.

Compensation – beginning at $60 per hour Insurance – covering for liability during training sessions

Network – become a part of a rapidly developing, dynamic, industry-leading team that provides opportunity to interact with other corporate instructors located around the country.

What We’re On The Lookout For:

We’re searching for candidates that are confident in their drone piloting abilities and are prepared to instruct individuals with various ability levels.

This is not a role that requires on-the-job training.

The following competences should be shown by a drone flight instructor:

  • Certified – you possess a valid remote pilot license issued pursuant to Part 107.
    You operate a DJI drone on a regular basis, have technical understanding of DJI software, have a high level of skill in drone mission planning and flight operations, and are willing to work with non-DJI drones.
    You own at least one DJI consumer drone equipped with at least three batteries that you are willing to utilize throughout training.
  • Instructor – you have previous expertise instructing or teaching in a technical subject and a demonstrated ability to connect with and motivate adult learners.
  • Connection – you have good verbal and written communication skills and maintain an online schedule for yourself (Google, Outlook or iCloud)
  • Availability – you are available for training at least one weekday morning/afternoon and one weekend morning/afternoon.
  • Work ethic – you are devoted to providing an exceptional client experience, as well as to acting as a leader, a team player, and executing with perfection.

You possess an Associate degree or above, and any military or Part 61 / 141 flying school or curriculum experience is a bonus.

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