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5 Reasons For Outsourcing Drone Services

Why Do Many Industries Outsource Drone Services?

The requirement for commercial drone solutions is rapidly increasing as industries aspire to leverage the power of data collection, enhanced safety, and artificial intelligence. Drones offer the safest ways of performing difficult operations reliably while reducing the risks associated with them. They can work on any difficult operation in a short time and at an efficient cost. Understanding drones and their advantages lead to the next question of how shall one utilize drone technology and integrate drones in the desired operations. Integrating drones to complete the tasks can be one of the challenging feats. Implementing drones into operation includes the involvement of people from multidisciplinary fields to create a team.

When the project leads of the industries try to understand the integration of drones in their workflows, the most critical question arises, should the drone for a particular operation be insourced or outsourced? This one question can’t be overlooked. Besides offering their multiple benefits, implementing drones come with lots of hurdles especially for the industries that have less experience with aviation. To create a right implementation model for drones one shall keep in mind the result an aerial operation will have on the business. There are many reasons for employing a professional drone operator to effortlessly integrate drones into your project workflow while also getting a safe, quick, and cost-effective way.

The reasons for outsourcing drones are explained as mentioned below:

1. Eliminating Upfront Investment Cost:

Creating an in-house drone operation program comes with a significant upfront investment in equipment required and the drone itself. Any drone’s cost can go up to thousands of dollars based on its model and capabilities. The hardware equipment required for drones can be accurate sensors, high-definition cameras, and additional batteries and propellers for field operations. Apart from the hardware requirements one also has to spend a lot on software either by purchasing a licensed software or by developing proprietary software. All these investments can be forgone by directly employing a professional drone services company. Such companies already spend a large amount on their drones, their hardware, and software systems.

2. Avoiding High Staffing Costs:

Another cost of sourcing your internal team for performing drone operations is managing staffing logistics. Onboarding, training, payroll, certifications, and benefit costs are other added expenses. Many times an employee who has an interest in drones is tasked with developing a team. Without any proper direction, it can turn into a frustrating process whereas the drone service providers can offer industry experts and guidance. Avoiding the need to build a separate internal team will result in huge financial savings in the short and long terms. Drone service providers use pay as you go model, provide highly trained professionals for operating drones. These professionals can carry out well-planned flight operations as per the requirements.

3. Legal Compliance and Permissions:

Understanding regulatory space may give rise to unnecessary complications and delay the project’s operation. The laws and regulations for operating drones are continuously changing and evolving as it is still a developing field. Even with a well-planned framework, there is a meticulous process that needs to be followed to perform complex operations. There are many restrictions associated with the flying zone, altitude limitations, out-of-line-of-sight flying operations, and safety measures to be followed. A devoted drone service provider keeps up with regulations and maintains compliance with state and local laws regarding drone operations and the necessary regulations of the FAA. They have immense experience in compliance and permitting, which ensures the clients have access to clear data, visuals, and all the required insights.

4. Domain Expertise and Guidance:

The experimental learnings of drones’ regulations, mission planning, data collection strategies, hardware and software requirements according to operations is substantially a massive task. The drones service providers possess domain expertise that streamlines the processes for data acquisition, processing the data, and provision of accurate deliverables. Their experience facilitates the successful integration of drones with regulations and permissions, deployment, and data analysis. An experienced and knowledgeable drone service provider will get amazing results. They provide high-end equipment and understand the client’s exact requirements. You get different drones equipped with advanced sensors that meet your timeline, budget, and goals. By outsourcing drone services, you get the right people on the spot when you need them.

5. Collect Data Effortlessly and Get Scalable Solutions:

Constant support is of utmost importance for the flight operations as well as the data deliverables to the project lead. The format of data to be collected is decided and the respective sensors needed for the operations are selected. Such quality support is maximized by the drone operator’s expertise. The aerial photography and videography data can be provided for data analysis and flagging undesired irregularities. The data can be delivered after the flight operation is completed or it can be provided in real-time as well. Real-time monitoring solutions provide remote workforces to make intelligent decisions. With a trusted drone operator, you can complete your project free of any hassle, without any expenses of internal expansion of training.

Get Aerial Services When You Need Them!

Drones are empowering many businesses and industries and helping them gain a competitive edge in the market. One can sharpen this edge effortlessly by outsourcing drone services. By avoiding the significant time and investment in creating internal resources; cost-effective and scalable solutions can be provided by outsourcing the solutions offered by drones. Such a decision will make your operations hassle-free, will help save time and money while letting you concentrate on the best. Drones have also proven to bring incredible savings as well as increased safety solutions. The outsourcing will cover the entire process of integration, flight operation, data collection, and deliverables as per the industrial standards.

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