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Drone Work During Covid

Flight operations in the times of Covid-19!

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly reshaped social and economic activities. Government authorities all over the world have taken drastic measures against the spread of the disease. These precautions include the closure of public places, social distancing, regulating transportation systems. The flight operations have been affected drastically as well. Yet the flight operations are still practical and permissible while following the lockdown restrictions put by the government. Although many industries are performing their operations remotely, drone services are still functioning. Drone providers can still collect data and provide desired deliverables online. Many operators have built real-time streaming of videos, that would help you complete the required tasks, and monitor the worksite. All these aerial operations are executed by following the standard safety measures and regulations provided by the local government bodies. 

We follow the best safety measures!

With an immediate need of avoiding direct human contact, there is an increase in contactless delivery and transportation that has emerged. The standard procedure to operate drones followed by our trained professionals are as follow: 

  • Equipment vehicles are sanitized properly
  • Our operators use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) during the operations
  • The team and pilot travel in an isolated vehicle
  • All the pilots are trained to follow Covid-19 guidelines 
  • The real-time data can be immediately delivered online

Our drones are in the air and flying!

Drone operations do not require much personnel for completing the required task. Operating drones by properly following covid-19 instructions does not break norms regulated by law enforcement agencies. As drone operations required less than a team of five people a proper social distancing is ensured by service providers. They follow the required safety precautions of regularly sanitizing the equipment and using no contact methods. Due to the slowdown and shutdown of many industries, there has been an immediate need for inspection checks that have been rising. Monitoring construction progress, roof and asset inspections, surveys, and mapping are still carried out by our operators. The demand for surveillance and security monitoring is rising for the service providers due to the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic. Our drones are flying high to complete the market’s demands. 

There are multiple opportunities offered by the drones

 With the economic slowdown, many industries had to face shutdowns. This is an opportunity for many businesses to redefine their business model upgrade their supply chains. Applications of drones have shown promising opportunities in surveillance, delivery services, and disaster management. Drone technology used to be viewed as an early development modern technology that had limited applications due to technology and regulatory roadblocks. But due to the pandemic, there have emerged innovative cases for using drones. As the pandemic demands social distancing, drones are acting as one of the modes of delivery and communication, that needs limited human interactions. The pandemic has enabled a product development that shows an immense potential of using drones across many sectors. There has been ongoing research on using drones for symptoms detections, spreading disinfectants, delivering medical samples, using surveillance to enforce social distancing, broadcasting information, surveying infrastructure, and accessing other conditional requirements. The drone service providers must pursue emerging business opportunities and enhance their growth.  

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